Multiple benefits include stopping the growth of cancer .. What happens when eating too much ginger?


Multiple benefits include stopping the growth of cancer .. What happens when eating too much ginger?

Despite the many benefits of ginger, which is used as a spice and in many home remedies, the German magazine “Freuden” warned against excessive consumption, because of the occurrence of unpleasant side effects because of it.
Ginger can be taken in several ways, it is prepared tea or added to different foods, and here we review some of the benefits of ginger, according to studies and scientific data:
1 – stop the growth of cancer  

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two chemical compounds found in ginger and red pepper can play an important role in halting the rapid growth of cancer cells, US researchers have found.
This came in a study prepared by researchers at the American Chemical Society, published in 2016 in the journal “Agricultural and Food Chemistry”, and the study was conducted on mice.
The researchers found that mixing capsaicin, a compound that gives the hot taste of red pepper, with another substance found in ginger, 

 2-gingerol, may help stop the rapid growth of lung  

cancer cells.The combination of the substances found in red pepper and ginger halted the growth of cancer cells in 80% of mice.
The team noted that the results of their study demonstrate the usefulness of combining the two substances together to reduce the growth of cancer cells.
It should be noted that cancer patients should not try to use pepper or ginger to treat cancer or stop their traditional treatment, but should see a specialist doctor who follows their case to inquire about it.
Treatment of Crohn’s disease
US researchers used a method to treat Crohn’s disease of the intestines and ulcerative colitis with ginger.
The study was conducted by researchers at the Atlanta Veterans Medical Center in America in 2016, and they succeeded in turning the soft ginger plant into “nanoparticles” that are directed to the intestine to treat diseases instead of taking it as an oral drink. They published their findings in the journal Biomaterials.
The team explains how to reach the “ginger nanoparticles” by cutting them into very small parts and placing them in a device that rotates very quickly, and then directed ultrasonic waves to them turning them into fine particles, each particle of 230 nanometers (nanometer unit of measurement of one billion of a meter ).
When feeding the experimental mice, the ginger particles achieved significant therapeutic effects, the most important of which is that they are effectively directed to affect the colon, as they were absorbed mainly by the cells of the intestinal lining in which the inflammation appears.It also appeared that the particles reduced acute colitis, and stopped its transformation to chronic disease, It also stopped the occurrence of cancer associated with this type of inflammation.
The researchers also found that ginger nanoparticles boosted the health of the intestinal lining, especially by repairing their tissues. They also reduced the secretions of inflammatory proteins, and increased levels of other anti-inflammatory proteins.

3 – treatment of sore throat 

Qatar’s primary health care institution has recommended ginger to treat sore throat by mixing it with honey.
The Foundation said that ginger works to get rid of respiratory problems, as drinking honey and ginger mixture is very useful to get rid of sore throat with its effective against bacteria.
4. Prevention of breast cancer     

Researchers at King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia found that ginger has a positive role in the treatment of breast cancer in particular, and can destroy cancer cells without compromising healthy cells. The search was carried by Deutsche Welle in 2014.
What are the damages of overuse?
In contrast, the German magazine “Freuden” advised to be cautious if one is allergic to ginger, and pointed to some side effects that may appear when consuming a large amount of ginger, which is heartburn, flatulence and diarrhea.
Excessive ginger intake also irritates the oral cavity. Ginger also helps increase blood thinners, so those taking blood thinners should consult their doctor before taking ginger, as it may enhance the effectiveness of the drug.
Despite the usefulness of ginger in the treatment of vomiting during pregnancy, pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking it.
Source: Anatolia Agency, Social Media, Gezira, Deutsche Welle, Germany 

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